1. Why choose Macau?
  2. Why choose Macaustag?
  3. Is Macau easy to get to?
  4. What types of services do you offer?
  5. How much do you charge?
  6. How far in advance should we plan?
  7. Can you help me plan my event in Hong Kong (or another city)?
  8. Is anything ‘off limits’?
  9. Can I advertise with you?

Why choose Macau?

Asia’s entertainment capital and only minutes from Hong Kong and Shenzhen, Macau offers a variety of day and night entertainment in an upscale environment that you just won’t find in most other cities. A combination of nightlife, adult entertainment, high roller services, and a unique culture tied together in a city of only a few square kilometers, Macau is now offering something for everyone. This is quite new, as we see more resorts and services available throughout the city, making it easier to stay here for a few days and enjoy a variety of entertainment options in addition to just the casinos.

Why choose Macaustag?

Macau has received mixed reviews for a variety of reasons. Traditionally, the location and its services are targeted at ultra-high rolling customers in Macau; the ones bringing millions upon millions of dollars to the tables. Macaustag looks to change that by offering these premium services to all customers. We have been in business here in Macau for over two years and have great relationships with local service providers. We also know the locations that customers will receive the best value for their money; we make sure customers are well taken care of in whatever venue we recommend. Our goal is to ensure you and your group receive an exclusive experience and a VIP welcome for the duration of your stay here in Macau.

Is Macau easy to get to?

Yes! Macau is a 1 hour ferry ride from Hong Kong or a 15 minute helicopter ride (from both Hong Kong and Shenzhen). Travel services from Guangzhou (by stretch limo) are available. We will soon be unveiling a private jet partnership, allowing customers from anywhere in Asia to utilize our jet to easily travel direct to Macau via private jet from any airport or airstrip that is convenient to them.

What types of services do you offer?

We offer services for singles, groups, friends – anyone looking to enjoy the nightlife and party scene here in Macau. We also offer casino services for premium players and corporate services for those clients looking to entertain and close business while here in Macau. Macaustag is not a travel agency; we work to suggest the best venues and locations in town based on our experience and relationships.

How much do you charge?

All of our packages are customized. Similar to a travel agent (please note we are not a travel agency) that sells packages that include flight and hotel, we cannot share our discounted rates directly with you due to our partner agreements. All of our products must be sold as part of a package and cannot be sold (or re-sold) individually. Our fees vary based on group size, duration of stay, and the activities you are partake in.

How far in advance should we plan?

2 weeks in advance is the ideal time for planning and confirming your event. We can assist in setting up last minute events (even same day itineraries) however availability may be limited and costs may be higher than if you were to plan in advance.

Can you help me plan my event in Hong Kong (or another city)?

Yes! We currently also offer options in Hong Kong – visit www.hongkongstag.com for more details. We will also be launching in Manila mid-2014 – stay tuned for the link!

Is anything ‘off limits’?

Yes. We do no entertain questions related to any illegal activities under Macau law. Macaustag also retains the right to end an event if it is deemed unsafe for our staff or if illegal activities are being conducted.

Can I advertise with you?

Yes, we do accept advertising enquiries. We work with partners who fit our customer profile (no, we will not sell your house cleaning products on our site). We don’t have a fixed rate card as we prefer to work with partners who can help bring value to our site. Contact us directly to learn more: enquiries@macaustag.com.